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Village of Lomira
Municipal Ordinances

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Notice of New Ordinances 

Village of Lomira 


Notice is hereby given that the Village of Lomira Board enacted the following ordinances on August 9, 2023:  

Ordinance #348, no parking on Church Street 

Ordinance #349, creation of Chapter 21 – Modes of Transportation 

Ordinance #350, truck traffic designated areas within the Village 

Ordinance #351, definition of dangerous dogs 

Ordinance #352, fancier’s permit and animal establishment permit 

Ordinance #353, keeping of animals 


The full text of these ordinances may be obtained at the Village Clerk’s office at

425 Water St., Lomira

during regular business hours or online at 


Jenna Rhein, Village of Lomira


August 14, 2023 


Please contact the Clerk's office for questions regarding ordinances and subdivision covenants

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