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Village of Lomira
Municipal Ordinances

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Notice of New Ordinances 

Village of Lomira 


Notice is hereby given that the Village of Lomira Board enacted the following ordinances on July 10, 2024:  

  • Ordinance #359 adopts the definition and regulations for dangerous/vicious dogs 

  • Ordinance #360 adopts setbacks, height, and building materials of fences and hedges  

  • Ordinance #362 adopts the maintenance of sidewalks, fire hydrants, and mailboxes/cluster boxes  

  • Ordinance #363 adopts regulations of Village parks, ponds, and waterways, which include new park hours from 7am to 10pm, swimming and motorized boats prohibited in ponds 

  • Ordinance #365 adopts definition and regulations pertaining to truancy and habitual truancy 

  • Ordinance #366 adopts regulation of yard sales not to exceed four consecutive days and limitations for items placed at the curb 



The full text of these ordinances may be obtained at the Village Clerk’s office at 425 Water St., Lomira during regular business hours or online at 


Furthermore, at 7pm on August 14th, the Board will continue discussing proposed Ordinance # 364 for regulating the use of shipping containers as accessory buildings and storage, as well as proposed Ordinance # 365 for regulating the use of Knox Boxes. 


Jenna Rhein, Village of Lomira Administrator-Clerk-Treasurer 

July 11, 2024 


Please contact the Clerk's office for questions regarding ordinances and subdivision covenants

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