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Cat on Green


Wisconsin State Statute 174.07 requires all dogs over the age of 5 months be licensed.
Village Ordinance 277 requires all dogs and cats over the age of 5 months be licensed.

All residents who have dogs and cats in the Village of Lomira need to have their pets licensed annually. Licenses are valid for the calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Licenses must be obtained BEFORE APRIL 1 to avoid a penalty. Owners MUST SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION AGAINST RABIES from a licensed veterinarian to obtain a dog/cat license. Provide the Clerk with the rabies manufacturer, serial number, date the vaccination was given and the expiration date.

Dog and cat license fees are as follows:
Dogs/cats spayed/neutered $10.00 each
Dogs/cats un-spayed/un-neutered $15.00 each.
Payments/licenses obtained after the due date will be assessed an additional $5.00 late fee per pet.

A portion of the fees collected are submitted to Dodge County and the State of Wisconsin. The Village retains a portion to cover office expenses.

All dogs and cats need to have a license. Please pay by cash or check. Make checks payable to Village of Lomira. Please separate this payment from your tax payment. Failure to have your dog/cat properly licensed can result in a citation for $213.10 per pet per occurrence.

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