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Lomira Water Utility Conventional Water Rate Increase

New water rates will be implemented in two phases

UPDATE 2/9/2024:

Notice is hereby given that the Lomira Municipal Water Utility adjusted water rates will take effect March 22, 2024. The Public Service Commission of WI has authorized the Lomira Water Utility to split the 94.49% water rate increase into two phases.

Phase 1 will increase by 47.15% effective March 22, 2024. Phase 2 will increase by 47.34% effective March 22, 2025.  





















In August 2023, the Village of Lomira Water Utility filed an application with the Public Service Commission to increase water rates. After the PSC conducted their own investigation, it is proposed that a 95% water rate increase may be needed to meet the operations, debts, projects, and future planning of the water utility.

The Board of the Village of Lomira has been discussing the conventional water rate increase since 2022.  In January 2023, the Board approved the use of ARPA funds to conduct a conventional water rate study with the aid of Ehlers Financial Advisors.  In September 2023, Ehlers attended a regularly scheduled Board meeting to present the findings of the study.  

On December 5th, 2023, the PSC held their hearing for public comment on the proposed water rate increase at 10am. A link to access the application documents here: Select the dropdown menu labeled "eServices". Select the item labeled "Docket Search (CMS)". On the next page, enter 3180-WR-103 in the spaces labeled "Case #" and then select "Search". 

The Village Board also held a separate public hearing on December 13 at 6pm at the Lomira municipal complex.

We understand that a 95% rate increase in the water utility is astonishing. The previous conventional water rate increase was in 2013. 

The average residential water usage is 12,000 gallons per quarter. With this, the average bill for water is approximately $67.79/quarter, or $22.59/month. After the proposed 95% increase, the average water bill will be approximately $139.56/quarter or $46.52/month. The average user will need to personally budget an additional $72/quarter or $24/month.  The public fire protection charge will increase from $24.60/quarter to $37.92/quarter.

Below is an example of an average utility bill. The left side displays the current rate. The right side displays a bill with the proposed increase.  Click HERE for a PDF version of the bills shown below.

Water Rates.jpg

Below is another example of a current bill and a proposed bill. Administrator Jenna Rhein provides the example based upon her own household usage in the example below. In these bills, 20,000 gallons of water are consumed each quarter.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the bills shown below.


Below is a chart displaying the current water utility rates for Class D utilities.

Village of Lomira's current rate is $4.20/1,000 gallons. The proposed rate will increase to $8.63/1,000 gallons. 

Water rate comparison 01042023.png

Below is a chart displaying the current water utility service charge for Class D utilities.

Village of Lomira's current rate is $17.39/quarter. The proposed rate will increase to $36/quarter. 

Water quarterly service fee comparison 01042023.png

Questions can be directed to any Board member, contact the Administrator-Clerk-Treasurer, and attending the public hearings. Thank you. 

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