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The Village of Lomira utilizes The Payment Group to process various municipal fees. Click on the appropriate box below to pay. You will be redirected to The Payment Group (TPG) to make payments. There is a small convenience fee for online payments.

Please contact the Clerk's office with questions. 

**The Village will not be utilizing Payment Service Network (PSN) for sewer and water bill payments after April, 2023. An updated system provided by Paya will be available soon. In the meantime, please use TPG to make online sewer and water bill payments. Thank you. 


To access PSN for sewer and water, please follow the instructions below: 

Residents may now pay their sewer and water bill online.  Here’s how:

  1. Click here to Pay Online. You will be redirected to the PSN website.

  2. Choose to Register Now, Log In or Quick Pay

    1. If you click on Register Now, type Lomira as the business name and business city; choose WI as business state; Search. Choose Continue to locate your billing account; continue to step #3

    2. If you click on Quick Pay, type Lomira as the business name and city; choose WI as business state; Click on Search

      1. Click on Make a Payment (your info is not saved); proceed to make a payment

  3. Enter in your account number should include all digits and dashes (example: 000-0988-00)

  4. Enter in the Last Name as it is listed on your sewer and water bill. Click on Search

  5. Click on your account.  Finish creating your account and pay your bill.  PSN does charge a small fee.


You may continue to pay at the clerk’s office with cash, check or credit/debit payments.  Payment Service Network (PSN) charges a ‘convenience fee’ for credit/debit payments.

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