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Running for Office

The Village of Lomira Clerk's office reviews, collects, maintains and manages documentation and ballot access for Trustee of the Board of the Village of Lomira. Village trustees are elected each April and serve a two-year term. Candidate forms must be turned in the beginning of January each year.

Candidates for Dodge County offices visit Dodge County's page HERE

Candidates for School District of Lomira Board visit HERE

Candidates for Statewide offices visit HERE

Upcoming Elections

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Tuesday, April 4, 2023


Candidate Forms - Getting on the Ballot


All individuals who are currently in office or running for office must file the following forms, in the Clerk's office by January 3, 2023 at 5pm for the April election.

  • Campaign Registration Statement

    • The Village of Lomira does not require a campaign financial statement from candidates; therefore, please fill out Section 1, check the "yes" box in section A29, and then sign in Section G​

  • Declaration of Candidacy

    • This form must be notarized​

  • Nomination Papers

    • Candidates must collect a minimum of 20 signatures from Village of Lomira residents. Papers cannot circulate prior to December 1.​

Next Steps

Upon receipt of the completed documents listed above, the Clerk will verify the validity of the collected signatures and process the forms.

Once all signatures have been verified and forms are checked complete by the Clerk, candidate names are selected at random to determine ballot order.

Candidate names appear on the April ballot.

After the April election, the Clerk will notify each candidate of the results. The candidate may accept the position of Village Trustee, and if so, will be sworn-in by the Clerk. Terms begin the third Monday of April. 

Write-In Candidates


If you missed the deadlines for appearing on the ballot and would like to be a registered write-in for office, please fill out the Campaign Registration Statement listed above and return it to the Clerk's office prior to noon on the Friday before the April Election Day.

It is your responsibility to educate voters to write-in your name in the write-in portion of the ballot for your chosen elected office.

There is no electioneering/campaigning at the polling place.

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