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Election Observers

Election Observers


The State of Wisconsin allows individuals to observe voting and election administration processes at the polling places on Election Day, during absentee voting, canvases, recounts and voting in residential care/nursing home facilities.

Please visit the Rules-At-A-Glance brochure provided by the WI Elections Commission on election observers' conduct.

Election Day

At the Polling Place,

an Election Observer must:

  • Notify the Chief Election Inspector that he/she is at the polling place to observe

  • Follow the directives of the Chief Inspector or designee

  • Provide photo ID

  • Complete and sign the Election Observer Log

  • Wear an Election Observer name tag provided by the Chief Inspector

  • The Chief Inspector is in charge and all inquiries should be made to the Chief or designee

  • Challenges to voters must be filed with the Chief Inspector

  • Observers cannot view registration forms, proof of residence documents or the observer log on Election Day

  • Observers may view the poll list, but may not delay or disrupt the voting process

  • Observers may not:

    • Engage in electioneering/campaigning​

    • Video and still cameras are not allowed by Observers at the polling place, at residential care/nursing home facilities. Video and still cameras are allowed at canvas and recounts if use is not disruptive or show how an elector has voted

    • Handle election documents

    • Have conversations about candidates, parties or ballot questions

    • Make calls/use cell phones for voice calls inside the polling place

    • Wear clothing or buttons related to candidates, parties or referenda

    • Interact with voters

    • View confidential information

    • Enter vehicles of curbside voters

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